07.31.15New Show by Concrete Timbre coming up in September

We have an interesting new show coming up, called "4 Wars", which will be presented by the Dream Up Festival in the Johnson Theater of the Theater for the New City, NYC in September. I am currently writing some new music for it and we have a very interesting artistic team together, still working on it... Stay tuned!

Also, we'll continue our concert series, "Last Saturdays Salon" in Brooklyn at the Drawing Room in September, with a concert featuring our original Jazz Compositions!
Please join us if you can and share new music with us.
Thank you as always,

01.19.15New Concert Series by Concrete Timbre coming up @ The Drawing Room, Brooklyn

Looking forward to the eight-concert series of new
music, sound, words, & images by various New York artists at a great Brooklyn Venue!

Hope you can come by and enjoy an evening with new music with us!

In January we will have a reunion with works from 2014 and more.

In February we'll continue with new works for saxophone, viola and percussion.

You'll find more info at: concretetimbre.com

08.01.13Two new shows by Concrete Timbre

"Coq Tot"
is a multimedia show by Concrete Timbre of 6 short compositions inspired by the poesie of Jean Cocteau. Written and directed by Jean Cocteau, Terence Diamond, Nancy Greening, Sylvaine Hinglais, Manuela Lechler, Eric Lockley, Chris Kadis Moscato, Jasmina Simanovic, Ann Warren. Projections by Robert Morton, Choreographie by Audrey Hailes, Lightning Kryssy Wright, Costumes Sarah Thea Swafford, Sculpture Richard Sage, Produced by Allan Markowitz. Actors, dancers and musicians : Aybar Aydin, Telma Bernardo, Nathalie Bryant, Terence Diamond, Jeff Fraska, Lizzy Hagstedt, Audrey Hailes, Christopher Hall, James Hamblin, Manuela Lechler, Chris Kadis Moscato, Pilar Navas, Christopher Poeschl, Laura Rocherieux, Andrew Toutain, Ann Warren, Kamaria Williams.

"Age of Pain(e)"
an evening of enlightenment in s parts curated by Nancy Greening. With short play written by Dorothy Fennell, directed by Patrice Miller, featuring Coran Newland, David A. Green, James Hamblin and Christopher Peschl, With music composed by Manuela Lechler, Kyoko Oyobe and Ann Warren, performed by Aleksandra Miglowiec, Kyoko Oyobe and Manuela Lechler. Costumes by Sarah Thea Swafford, Projections by Robert Morten.

04.14.13New CD ready!

My new CD:
Manuela Lechler Trio ~ SKETCHES FROM HERE is ready!
Based on 7 original compositions of mine, with amazing Kyoko Oyobe on piano and wonderful Michael O'Brien on acoustic bass and myself on alto saxophone. Thank you so much Kyoko and Michael for playing and recording music together!
Thanks also to Jim Clouse and Parkwest Studios for the great recording session, and to Ann Warren and Robert Morton for CD cover design!
Soon you will be able to purchase online as well on cdbaby.com


I will be traveling in Europe all February until mid March. More TBA...